Discover The Curly Method And Show Off Curly Hair Thanks

The Valencian supermarket has a whole line dedicated to this type of hair

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The Department of perfumery and cosmetic of Mercadona It has become our essential to get summer products at the best price. Now in summer more than ever we have to take care of our hair and skin, either because the high temperatures wreak havoc on them or because in this summer season we tend to be a little more careless with our body…

If you have curly or wavy hair, you surely know the curly method.. This method consists of the hair routine that takes care of this type of hair in the most appropriate way. So that you can get the most out of it, Mercadona puts at your disposal the CurlPerfect line.

With the products that make up the Curl Perfect line, you will meet your hair’s hydration and nutrition needs and achieve soft, defined curls.

What products does the Curl Perfect line contain?

This line of products that is on sale in all Mercadona physical supermarkets contains 5 products, which are divided between hair hygiene and fixation.

The first is a sulfate free shampoospecially formulated for gentler cleaning of curly or wavy hair. Its formula enriched with coconut oil provides your hair with the hydration it needs, enhances curls and controls the dreaded frizz.

Products to follow Mercadona's curly method.  perfect curl line
Products to follow Mercadona’s curly method. perfect curl linePHOTO: Mercadona

Another product for hair hygiene is rinse-off mask. This intensive mask is specially formulated to provide hydration and softness to curly hair. Its exclusive formula with coconut oil and shea butter provides nutrition, elasticity and definition to the curl. There is also the leave-in mask, which contains, in addition to coconut oil, aloe vera and flax extract, which hydrate and enhance the curl without weighing it down, making it more manageable and easy to comb. The result is more hydrated and defined hair. It can be used between washes to reactivate and hydrate the curl by moistening the hair beforehand.

Another product from the Curl Perfect line is the curl activator gel. Its formula enriched with vegetable proteins provides flexible hold to the hair. The result is an elastic curl, with movement and free of frizz. Apply the gel to the palm of your hand and spread evenly over damp hair. This gel does not rinse off and should be molded with your fingers and allowed to air dry or with a diffuser.

The latest product from Mercadona’s specific line for curly or wavy hair is the serum. This product is for daily use and is formulated with coconut, avocado, macadamia and argan. Provides extraordinary shine to the hair, seals the ends and fights frizz.