Ice Shortage Boosts Ice Cuber Sales – We Will Update

The price of ice packs has increased between 250% and 300%, while these appliances can be bought for 110 euros and are capable of manufacturing up to 12 kilos of cubes per day

Various ice cubes at the Eurofrío Blasco ice factory

While bars and restaurants ration ice to deal with the shortage of ice cubes in the height of the tourist season, other companies are making their special August in the midst of a shortage crisis. East context of lack of icemotivated by the increase in the costs of electricity, fuel and plastic, the heat wave and the rebound in tourism, It is especially benefiting the manufacturers of ice cube machines, the only alternative to obtain ice quickly and in large quantities when the ice factories are not enough. Specifically, the demand for cube machines almost tripled according to the data collected by the price comparator.

The interest in these appliances has grown by 183% since the shortage began in supermarkets, restaurants and leisure and has become the main alternative for which the Spanish consumer has opted, since the price of ice packs has increased between 250% and 300%,while these appliances can be bought for an average cost of 205 euros, but there are models for 110 euros, which can manufacture up to 12 kilos of cubes per day. These are machines that have a tank with different capacities, which can produce cubes of different sizes on a daily basis.

“The interest in machines for making ice cubes may continue to increase in the coming days, given that this shortage continues over time and many Spanish towns are preparing for the festivals that will take place on August 15,” says Kike Aganzo, head of communications at, adds that “to avoid buying an ice machine at a higher price than usual, we recommend checking the price history of”

The ice manufacturers expect the shortage to worsen during this month of August and last until the first two weeks of September. For this reason, in addition to rationing sales to their customers and demanding that supermarkets limit the sale of bags per customer, they are also urging bars and restaurants to reduce their use of ice cubes. Ice producers did not store enough ice in their chambers during the winter and spring season to avoid record electricity prices after the outbreak of the war in Ukraine and the uncertain summer season. Now, with the demand triggered by the August holidays, they are forced to have their machinery running 24 hours a day and They are not capable of supplying hotels, supermarkets and gas stations.