Advent is in sight, there is still waiting for your programs, which will take away your main worries.

The second half of November began – it’s time to look for programs,
which should help in the first rush – especially with the purchase of drk.


Simply a program from Eston Bond. It is available in PDA Toolbox as freeware.
He didn’t worry about the appearance of the creators, but the program is sure to be fulfilled.

Three storage sections – records of external postcards (to whom to send and address),
purchase drk (item, to whom, shop and price), personal list and URL (name,
URL, note). The screen edit system is also a simple scrolling list.


An organizer with graphic elements, also made in the Toolbox, with a price of $ 10. It’s a pedlan
Holiday Organizer (the author has not even written a title for the vnon version yet).

Contains a list of people, postcard records, drk, nkupn list, recipes. IN
only the registration of persons and postcards worked for me in the demo version.


Rick Howe program, freeware. It records only nkupy drk, this bag very elegant.

In the edit screen, enter the name of the recipient, the name you have chosen
to “invest” in it. According to vk (help category), “wishlist”,
poet drk and checkbox to indicate that the purchase is complete. It is very solid below
a set of edit and scroll buttons, including a clear list view.


The most sophisticated program from Timbrook Technology.
They will not only spend the night, they cost a bag of $ 12.

GiftMemo is a sophisticated program for recording nkup drk of all kinds
screens for each person where you can record information of any kind (size
oacen and shoes, the most vro and jubilee, popular colors, etc.). Program
is shareware and it is possible to try it, the full description is beyond the scope of this article,

Who owns ThinkDB, put me on PalmGear
sthnout free databzi na vnon nkupy MyXmasList (there can be others
download all programs described today). I personally recommend to keep records drk
ChristmasList, for nron ceremonies is optimal GiftMemo.

As you can see, software vendors help where they can. I just don’t know if they won’t want to find out for us who they’re kidding, or how much I’ll cost.