Dynavix Atto is a novelty of the Czech navigation manufacturer, which attracts attention mainly with its miniature dimensions, successful design and low price. But I can boast of maps of the whole of Europe and fun navigation of the funny actor Pavel Lika.

Ilona Svobodov also sang in her voice.

Dynavix chose a slightly different strategy for the Atto model than most current manufacturers. We can forget about the largest possible display and the latest navigation function, this novelty is mainly at a low price in conjunction with really miniature dimensions. We have before us the least car navigation on our market.

Construction and design, this worked

The design of the navigation is simple and at the same time very elegant. The front completely smooth side contains only the display, which is inserted into the all-round button of the device. It is very important to round the edges, which gives a luxurious impression and thanks to them navigation will fit even perfectly in the hands. We do not even have a refund for the member’s processing, which is at a very good level.

Dynavix Atto

The Dynavix Atto navigation offers dimensions of 96 x 75 mm and a thickness of 11.95 mm. The weight is then an incredible 106 g for navigation. It is such an unrivaled least navigable car device on our market, which you can easily bind like a portable MP3 player. Zazen fits snugly in his pocket, so nothing will force him to leave him in the car. In the package, we were looking in vain for a case that would protect the display from scratching.

Ovldn – one button would be enough

The navigation offers two buttons, one on the top to turn the system on and off, and then a cradle on the right side that can be turned off. This method is easy to use and many users would appreciate just one button used by most manufacturers. On the contrary, the volume control button was missing. There is nothing unpleasant when, while driving, you find out that at the same time the amplification is not enough, and you are forced to set it in the menu.

Dynavix Atto

The control of the bag is very easy, especially thanks to the use of a touch screen with a three-inch and a full inch and a classic 4: 3 aspect ratio. The display is of course active, TFT type, so you won’t be deprived of data on it even in the sun. It offers an anti-reflective right, a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels and its dimensions of 72 x 54 mm, covering the front of the device.

Dynavix Atto

The front side of the navigation is completely smooth, on the left side there is a slot for a microSD memory card and a headphone jack. The bag only grew to my standard 2.5 mm, so you can’t avoid buying a reducer to connect ordinary headphones. On the right side, then, she changed the power button. There is also a miniUSB connector on the side, through which the navigation is not only recharged, but it is thus possible to connect it to the computer with the help of the supplied USB cable. The navigation is displayed as a hard disk, on which it is possible to store any data in the internal 1GB memory, or on a memory card.

Navigation and map data – Dynavix 8 and TeleAtlas

The main thing, ie navigation, is taken care of by the Dynavix 8 application, in our case in the new version 3.2.1. In addition to changing the choice of voice instructions, this new version of 3D offers a view of the buildings, the importance of driving routes and the subsequent creation of a logbook, a radar database with the possibility of updating and thus prohibiting cuts on the map. It also contains a choice between the basic menu mode and the professional mode, which offers experienced users additional settings. As with Garmin, the owner of Dynavix can customize the navigation by choosing the color of the map or changing the car symbol.

Dynavix Atto

While previous Dynavix models were available in two map versions, you can see this new feature with only maps of complete Europe. The map data is from Tele Atlas, so you will not have any problems with the quality of our country or our neighbor. The following countries are covered: the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Austria, Poland, Croatia, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Norway, the Netherlands, Finland, Italy, Switzerland, Turkey, Greece, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Albania, Belarus, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Moldova, Serbia and Montenegro, Ukraine.

Pipevnit a najt cl

There is a very good drk in the storage package, which is not only successful in terms of design, but even active. On the windshield he holds the help of a writing bag, which offers a very firm grip and locking, so the device does not move even in all the unevenness. The handle could be just a little longer, for cars with a massive instrument panel you will have to lean forward a little when you control it, but thanks to the large display it is not necessary to have the image too close. Dynavix horse ended up with ugly goosenecks, he will definitely not embarrass this dragon on the windshield.

Dynavix Atto

The first step for the first navigation is to choose the way. Here Dynavix Atto offers several possibilities. Of course, there is no exact address, which is characterized by city, town, street and descriptive. The menu for entering the exact address is different from other navigators, it is similar to Navigon. The main difference is that all the items are on one page, so fill in only the ones you know or theirs. After a while, the navigation will clearly select all the options that correspond to your back.

Dynavix Atto

The database of points of interest is a matter of course. Thanks to them, you will find the nearest or required services, transportation, shopping, shopping, culture, sports and recreation, dining or accommodation. Dynavix can be found not only in individual categories. You can choose according to the name, city, nearest points of departure and points on the route you go through first. You can save your favorite positions in the device memory. It is possible to enter them in the form for the exact address, but also as points of interest. There is a list of recent destinations or the option to enter travel routes with exact geographic coordinates.

Let’s get out and Dynavix will navigate

All you have to do is find the right route, choose between a short route and a fast route, and then start the route and start navigating. Vpoet is not the fastest, we did not have any problems with the found satellite due to the MTK ipset. The map is relatively simple, but thanks to that it is very clear. Roads, water areas, forests, parks and so on are different. On the map, you can see the closest points of the image around which you are first driving, and there is also a 3D view of the building buildings.

Dynavix Atto

The map size can be freely changed by pairs of plus and minus buttons in the upper corners of the display. During navigation, the display changes automatically depending on the required detailed display of the specific situation. This function can be turned off in the menu, as well as the displayed shooting point. Dynavix thus allows a simple color change with the help of predefined schemes, so it is possible to choose another car symbol. The navigation shows the distance and so on. At the bottom, the name of the street in which you are first is displayed, and on the left, the detail of the next change of direction.

Dynavix Atto

Voice navigation is possible only in those languages ​​- ethin, sloventine and english. The standard Czech navigation by Ilona Svobodov is on a good level, but the voice is a bit of a written impression and we were not even excited about the composition of individual words. Commands to change the direction of travel are heard once and twice before each operation and thus before the kiosk itself. One of the main weapons of this model is the voice of the command spoken by the famous actor Pavel Lika. In addition to the familiar voice, it is surprising to use murderers, which are, at least for the fans of this Czech actor, quite funny. While driving, meet the birds as slow it down, watch out for me here, hitch it to the bedroom or drive it to the right.

Put features – dynamic navigation and multimedia

Dynavix Atto supports RDS-TMC traffic news and there is also an antenna with an antenna, both of which can be found in the package. The navigation uses the available traffic information at the turn of the route, and if an unexpected situation appears on the road, you will be alerted to the route and re-route the route in the light of new events. The current information can be displayed directly in the menu, so of course the TMC function can be switched off completely.

Dynavix Atto

Navigation system is a multimedia player that can handle music, movies and pictures. The application offers easy control and a relatively wide range of rights and settings. All files can be placed on a microSD format memory card. When listening to music or a movie, you are limited by the sound quality from the small speaker in the back of the device that is not glare. For better listening, you can connect headphones, but you only need to mix them with a non-standard 2.5 mm connector. There is also a preview, so you can view digital photos from your camera on the new display.

What are you zvrem

At first glance, the Dynavix Atto ns navigation impressed with its design and miniature dimensions, thanks to which you will like this novelty at first sight. The graphical navigation is at a high level, the standard voices then go back to the average. If you are looking for something traditional and you have fun to have fun, the first choice can be the instructions of Pavel Lika.

Map materials are sufficient not only for the Czech Republic, but also for travel throughout Europe. We have a small bag for the reaction devices, which were not always the fastest, and from time to time the navigation froze. We then appreciated the reception of the current traffic situation, its possibilities are limited by the current state of the first transport traffic. We were thus interested in the price of around five thousand crowns.